50% of America a Disaster Area Due to Climate Change

More than 50% of all counties in America are in the midst of a worsening drought, with 1,500+ counties having now been designated as disaster areas by the US Department of Agriculture. At Hearts, our thoughts go out to the communities most impacted by this climate crisis as we work hard to reduce the climate burden of our operations. We hope you’ll join us in the fight against climate change so that we can redirect the course of our country’s future. We’re also doing our part to reuse the disaster debris that’s left behind by tsunamis, hurricanes, and floods by creating eco fashion products made of recycled and upcycled materials.

Quick Guide to the American Drought of 2012

-  August 2012 drought conditions: 60% of all states are experiencing drought, with 25% in the middle of extreme or exceptional drought conditions. Seasonal rainfall is down in many regions between 8 and 12 inches, and 59% of pastures and rangelands are in poor or very poor condition. These disasters will cost the USDA more than $110 billion in crop insurance for 500,000 farms.

-  Drought outlook for remainder of 2012: According to the Drought Outlook through 2012, drought conditions will remain unchanged through the central Mississippi Valley, the central and southwestern Great Plains, most of the High Plains, the central Rockies, the Great Basin, and parts of the Far West. The crisis is far from over.

-  Droughts beyond 2012: US government agencies and scientists alike are confident that drought years like 2012 will occur in the United States with increasing frequency over the coming decades.

Green Actions to Help Prevent Future Droughts and Climate Disasters

  1. Learn what your political representatives think of climate change: Use the Washington Post’s US Congress Votes Database, the Senate Recent Votes, or the GovTrack.US Congressional Votes Database to find out what your elected rep voted on issues of climate change and energy. Next check out who’s financially supporting your elected officials via the OpenSecrets.org site.
  2. Tell your elected officials you want climate action: Your voice matters a lot to your political representatives! You cannot really fight global warming without being politically active. Given that there are elections right around the corner, now is the perfect time to speak loudly about your concern for our climate. Give your local, state, and federal political leaders a call, send an email, or write a letter to make your views known.
  3. Get active for climate change: Then get moving with the 350.org Climate Activist Guide or join a 350 Local group that’s already started in your community.

Go Deeper – Find Out More about Climate-Related Droughts and Disaster Debris

-  Check out this animated US drought progression map from Climate Central over the past 5 months to see the ever-worsening situation through time.

- Find out where disaster debris is showing up throughout the world’s oceans by following the 5gyres Institute adventures at sea.

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